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SMK Methodist, Sibu
2 - 3 April 2019
Minggu Sains Negara merupakan salah satu inisiatif Kementerian Tenaga, Sains, Teknologi, Alam Sekitar dan Perubahan Iklim (MESTECC) dalam usaha memupuk minat terhadap ilmu sains dan menyokong usaha kerajaan dalam bidang Sains, Teknologi, Kejuruteraan dan Matematik (STEM). Pengisian program yang berbentuk interaktif/hands-on boleh disertai oleh pengunjung. Masuk adalah percuma.
Dewan Serbaguna, Kompleks Belia Dan Sukan, Kuching
20 - 21 October 2018
The Cardboard City is a 'large scale toy event' installed by students with recycled cardboard. Organised by Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia Sarawak Chapter and INTODESIGN Lab for the 2nd time to celebrate World Architecture Day and Global Cardboard Playday with more exciting programs that inspire young minds through architectural spatial experience and creative play. The imaginary future city is installed with collective efforts of primary school students with recycled cardboard and tapes on approximately 400 meter square footprint. Entrance is FREE!
National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
30 July - 20 October 2019
Exhibiting Malaysia's achievements in the field of Industrial Design since independence until today, bringing together local designers who have contributed their creative thinking to national development. You're all invited to attend to National Art Gallery! Admission is FREE! Visit the Malaysia Industrial Design Facebook Page for the latest information.

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