06.00am - 10.00am

Aktiviti CATS


Category: Art & entertainment

Foyer, UTC Sarawak (Level 4)
23 December 2018
Rules and Regulation 1. Participation is open to all pre-school and primary school aged 5-11 years old. 2. Closing date for entries : 22 December 2018 (Saturday). 3.Contestants must bring their own colouring materials. ONLY COLOUR PENCIL ARE ALLOWED. 4.Only one (1) A3 size colouring sheet is provided. Contestants are allowed to bring their own small chair, table, or colouring pad. 5.Contestants must register themselves at the Counter by 1:30pm. The contest will start at 2:00pm 6. Each contestant will be given 2 hours to complete the colouring. 7. The organizer reserves the right to make any changes to the Rule & Regulation herein contained without prior notice. 8. Judges’ decision are final and no appeals will be entertained. 9. Each contestants need to attach their Mykid photocopy 10. Form of contest now is available at Counter Information UTC (Level 4) *THE MOST IMPORTANT IS ITS FREE REGISTRATION*

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