06.00am - 10.00am


Harith Iskander’s #kitaOK: Live Comedy Tour

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Celcom Harith Iskander’s #kitaOK Live Comedy Tour 2018 in Kuching, Sarawak.

After putting Malaysia on the comedy map twice by winning Laugh Factory's Funniest Person in the World Competition and releasing a Netflix original comedy special, I TOLD YOU SO, Harith Iskander is now touring his home country to deliver the laughs.

With fresh new insight on what it means to represent Malaysia on the world stage, he now takes deadly aim at the things that tear us apart as Malaysians, and celebrates the things that bring the rakyat together through laughter.

Along the way, he also seeks to discover the true meaning of being Malaysian by turning his attention to our history, culture, and the humourous idiosyncracies that make us uniquely Malaysian with his signature theatrical style of comedy.